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ReedGeek Black Diamond “G4” with Plaque & Gauge set for All Woodwinds
(Single or Double Reeds)

These revolutionary ‘Geek tips provide the reed worker unique scraping edges and bevels that provide a very direct cut and remove cane both rapidly and smoothly without chatter. They are excellent for shaping and profiling oboe, saxophone, clarinet, or bassoon reeds before using your DoubleGeek for ultra-fine finishing. Tips include the front pencil eraser scraping and blending tip. 

ReedGeek Black Diamond “G4” Reed Tool for All Woodwinds 
(Single or Double Reeds)

The ReedGeek Black Diamond G4 utilizes unique, state of the art, 100% USA alloy for all your clarinet, saxophone, oboe, or double reed needs. Exciting features include a newly designed length with added heft, a refined “pencil eraser” radius tip and a comfortable rounded back scraper which offers further pinpoint scraping options. It offers four crisp planing edges and two new, elongated, contoured and curved rail bevels, which are specially designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine of both single and double reeds. The G4 is available in beautiful black diamond wear finish, which provides ultimate refinement of the cut on both natural cane and synthetic reeds. Encased in proprietary self-locking neoprene bag and case.

ReedGeek Universal “Classic” for All Woodwinds
(Single or Double Reeds)

The ‘Geek that started it all! The ReedGeek “Classic” is machined with four very crisp planing edges which make it exceptional for maintaining (single) reed flatness and removing cane from all reeds (single & double) rapidly and precisely . Other features include two rail adjustors, the “pencil eraser” radius tip for pin-point precision adjustments and a square back for scraping and profiling. With an extremely high Rockwell hardness, the ReedGeek “Classic” now undergoes a proprietary Chromium medical-grade process to enhance corrosion-resistance and edge-retention longevity. With all of these indispensable features, the “Classic” will give its owner consistently great-playing reeds!

NEW! ReedGeek Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer

The Klangbogen™ instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn so it speaks with clarity.

Fits Yamaha and all other modern brands through neck screw.

This beautifully crafted resonance bow is the latest reed and overtone stabilizer designed specifically to fit saxophones that do not have the traditional lyre attachments on the horn, such as Yamaha. The One Piece Klangbogen user enjoys all of the sound benefits of the Original plus the convenience of being able to use it on any horn — including bass clarinets with an adjustable tuning neck screw, and soprano saxophones.

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